umm means mother in Arabic

umm is born out of the love and respect for mothers.  
With umm we enable mothers on the run from war finding their inner strength and power.
By wearing this you support umm's power mothers. All our mothers are on the run from war. They are widows and struggling to support their children.
This product is much more than a piece of cloth. It is empowerment, strength, community and hope for a better future.

Hand embroidery

The art of embroidery is mystical, beautiful, and unique. With embroidery comes a visual heritage, pride, and identity. When you are on the run from war and have left everything behind you these are all elements that you need more than ever.  

When umm's power mothers sit together side by side in a safe community, good talks, discussions, and laughs happen, and sisterhood is created, all while ancient embroidery traditions are kept alive.  


Fair wages and good working conditions are at the core of umm.

When the project hopefully starts making a profit, it will go into reinvestments, creating more jobs and changing more lives. We wish to prove, that it’s possible for everyone in the value chain to win.